10 Things I Remember From Kindergarten

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So, the time has finally come… my first baby is going to kindergarten in about a week.  My heart hurts!!  All I can think about is, the first part of his life is over.  Baby, toddler, preschool… right now it feels like that’s all one phase and this is phase two.  Big kid.  School.

I have no more time to prepare him, no more time to enjoy his little-ness.  The door is closed on his baby-hood, and I have to accept that I did my best as his mother and move forward.

That’s a little over-dramatic, I know, but this is a big step!  I’ve been worried, did I do a good job?  Is he going to be okay without me during the day?

Then I started thinking about my childhood.  At first I thought I couldn’t remember anything from kindergarten, but then some of it started coming back to me.  And for some weird reason, it helps to have those memories when I send my child to school.

So, for fun, and to lighten my mood, here are 10 things I remember from kindergarten.

  1. Playing – I remember a fun little play area.  One time I was pretending to be asleep, and a couple of my little friends ran up and said “Oh no, she’s dead!” and I thought that was so fun.  Kind of a depressing thought, now.
  2. Nap time – or lack thereof.  I remember making faces with one of the other kids while we were trying to be quiet.
  3. Learning about the weather – every day we would change our little weather thing as a class.  It seemed so important whether it was cloudy or sunny.
  4. Mother’s day craft – I don’t know why I remember this specific craft, but we made little cards with tea cup pockets and put a tea bag in them for our moms to “relax” (HA. Like we let that happen.)
  5. My teacher explaining the different accents for “I” and how some people say “I want that” with a southern accent and others say it more specifically.  Don’t know why this memory stands out.
  6. Spelling Mississippi… with the crooked letters and humpbacks.
  7. Finger painting… of course.  I remember we were asking why we had to do it with our fingers.  I think kids are smarter than adults.
  8. Calendar – I remember learning about the days of the week, the months in a year, the different seasons.  April showers bring May flowers.
  9. School bus – I always sat by this middle schooler who erased several entire pages of her notebook one day and then was dismayed when her eraser ran out.  I also remember when she got her braces removed.
  10. Home – I think we lived in an apartment,  and my parents were teaching me how to spell I Love You.  My dad taught me I ❤ U, but my mom argued that I should know how to spell it the right way.   Naturally I sided with my dad and spelled it that way through my entire childhood,  and I taught my son to spell it that way too!  And of course the right way as well.  Mom did have a point 😉

It’s comforting to have those memories,  even if some of them are a little random.  Kindergarten was such a long time ago.  I hope my kids have several great memories to last into adulthood and comfort them when their own babies start kindergarten!!

What are some of your favorite childhood memories?  Leave a comment below.   I would love to read them!!

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