January Happiness Challenge

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So, for 2017 I’ve decided to start something new… I’m going to try to start focusing more on being happy.  Right now.

No more waiting until tomorrow, when the rain goes away.  No more waiting until things are less stressful and we have more money.  No more waiting, no more guilt and no more excuses!

That’s why I started the Happiness Challenge.  I’m not just going to talk about being happy.  I’m going to challenge myself every month in new ways to make small, positive changes in my life.  You can do it with me!  You deserve to be happy, too.

One thing that’s been on my mind a lot lately is GRATITUDE.  Tragedy has surrounded so many of us, not just in 2016.  I’ve been thinking more about how incredibly blessed I am.  And in some ways, how ungrateful I’ve been.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed, and everything can change in the blink of an eye.  Nothing is permanent.

So here is the #HappinessChallenge for January… Focus on being grateful, counting your blessings, and not taking things for granted.

  1.  Every morning for 30 days, start the day off by thinking of 3 things you’re grateful for.  It can be anything.  Write them in a notebook or your phone to keep track!
  2.  No complaining!  Replace every complaint with gratitude.  Even in your head.  The point of this is to catch yourself every time you want to complain.  Do this consistently for 30 days.
  3.  Every time you buy something you don’t need, take the time to appreciate it and be grateful you were able to buy it.  No matter what it is.
  4.  Donate something.  Part of being grateful is realizing that there are others who need what you might be taking for granted.

Keep in mind that you can do this all year.  Just challenge yourself for 30 days and when it’s over you can go from there!

Bonus:  Challenge your loved ones!  Share this post to friends and family.  You never know who might benefit from it!  We all want the people we care about to be happy.  That’s what love is.  You could even get your kids involved in each one of these steps, no matter what age they are.  The earlier you teach them about gratitude and happiness, the better.

Please feel free to comment below!  I would love to hear about your journey for happiness and some things you are grateful for in your life.  

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9 thoughts on “January Happiness Challenge

  1. I love this idea! We have all be focused on Janu-worry, that we get sucked into negative feelings and perhaps even a bit of self-pity. Although January is almost over, I’m going to use this for February as well . Thanks for sharing

  2. I love this idea too, although I think it would be difficult for me to execute some of it. However, I guess that is the point. I think this is great though because you will often find positive things happen by simply changing your mindset.

    1. Some of it is difficult for me, too. I’m glad you like the idea! In my opinion, just making the effort to be grateful and think positive can make more of a difference than anything else.

    1. That’s great! We are doing our own version of a gratitude journal as well. It’s more of a happiness journal where we write down something we enjoyed as a family or something happy we want to look back and remember at the end of the year. I’m not great at remembering to do these kinds of things, but I think as long as you try, it means something when you look back!

  3. These are really great ideas! A while ago, I had a friend that gave me a mini gratitude journal. She challenged me to briefly write about three things that I am grateful for each day. It’s small so there isn’t a lot of room for anything more than my three sentences which help me be concise and to also not feel like I have to write a lot. I just read over several of my entries. Unfortunately, I stopped writing in it, however, you have inspired me to dust it off and start taking time again daily to be intentional about having an attitude of gratitude. Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome! Even if you don’t remember every day, don’t give up! If it helps, you could just write 3 things that made you smile or made you happy that day. For me, those aren’t always the things that come to mind when I think of being “grateful”. Also, don’t worry about writing the same thing on different days. At the end of the year it will mean something!

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